Juniors Prepare for ACT

February 8, 2017

            This year, the Nebraska State Accountability Test for juniors is being replaced with the ACT.  All juniors in the state of Nebraska will take the ACT.  Lexington High School juniors will be taking the ACT in an online format.

            In order to prepare for the ACT, juniors have been provided with free access to ACT prep software.  Students have been using the program to do practice tests, play games with ACT type material, and review lessons on material that they will encounter on ACT.  The program provides the same format as the actual test, so students have an opportunity to become familiar with both the material and the online experience.

            Many teachers are also including ACT practice questions as part of their sponge activities at the beginning of the class.  Students should take advantage of these opportunities to ask questions and get help in understanding questions and knowing how to find information.

            Parents can encourage their students to spend time working on the ACT prep program at home. This is a great opportunity for students to take the test for free during the school day!  Scores from the state administration of the test are college reportable unless the student uses additional accommodations.