Kind ------- Cool

February 6, 2017

By: Stacy Strauss

The LHS Circle of Friends Organization is showing some {heart} this winter, with a strong focus on the social skill of demonstrating kindness.  As a school-wide reminder that ‘we’ don’t all have to be the same or agree on everything to be kind to one another, the CoF group created a “Kindness Tree” that is being displayed in the LHS foyer.  It is decorated with hearts, lights, and quotes on the topic of kindness.  The group also printed kindness quotes, mounted them on red paper and placed them randomly throughout the school, in hopes that it might promote an increase in random acts of kindness around our high school.  Let’s face it, we can all think of at least one time when we {could} have taken advantage of an opportunity to lend a helping hand, encourage someone, or even just smiled at someone as we passed in the hallway, but didn’t.  In addition to the kindness project, we also read an article together from one of Scholastic’s Scope Magazine issues, in which a man describes how his biggest regret in life was failing to be more actively kind.  The kids, as well as our CoF facilitators could all relate, and I think there was a definite lesson taken from our time spent together on the topic of kindness.  So, let our Circle of Friends or this article inspire you to lift someone up with words, hold a door, smile at a stranger, or seek out someone lonely, for you never know the positive impact it just may make!