Leadership Multicultural Fair Coming Soon!

February 25, 2019

Students in Mr. Patocka and Mrs. Archer's Co-Taught Foundations of Leadership (FOL) classes are busy preparing their presentations for the upcoming Foundations of Leadership Multicultural Fair in March.  Students from the elementary schools in Lexington attend this event and it is an excellent opportunity for FOL students to give back to the community. 

Each year, FOL classes investigate the people, culture, history, music, food and/or hobbies of a country.  This year, Patocka and Archer have assigned their classes the country of Ecuador to research.  It is then up to teams of 5 to 6 students to create a mini presentation they can give to the visiting elementary students that visit their country. 

One of the more popular events that are held is one entitled "fishing for facts".  Students are taught about the history and demographics of their country and then get to cast a fishing pole over an ocean constructed at their station.  When students receive a tug on the line they all receive a fact about Ecuador that they may not know as well as an ocean-themed prize for completing the lesson.

The Multicultural Fair gives FOL students the opportunity to learn leadership, organization, deadlines, as well as pre-planning and working hands on with the youth of our community.  Each country can have up to 200 visiting students in a four-hour period! While it takes a tremendous amount of effort to construct and present this event, it sparks an interest in the young people of our community about other countries and cultures.  Hope to see you there!!