LHS Reading

September 5, 2017

      Here at LHS, we have the unique opportunity to take a reading class. Yes, a reading class! During this class, we partake in many engaging activities, but one of our favorites is Independent Reading. This is a time for us to settle down with a good book and let our imaginations go wild. Sitting in silence while reading has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? We think so. We get to step into somebody else’s shoes and make connections to characters, places, pets, belongings - you name it. We get to envision a world that isn’t ours but may relate to us in some way. Isn’t that great? And when the timer goes off, we get to write about it.  We have a daily reading log that we complete at the end of each period. These logs allow us to connect with what we just read. We leave the class with new understandings each and every day.  One being a quote from the author John Green, “great books help you understand, and they help you to be understood.”