LHS Students Participate in Career Day Business Tours & College Access Day

April 25, 2018


Ten Lexington High School students from Ms. Archer’s Career Exploration Intro. Course were among the 42 Nebraska high school students selected to participate in the grant funded Career Day Business Tours and College Access Day Transition Event sponsored by the Nebraska Department of Education, Nebraska Central Region Transition Committee, Educational Service Unit #10 and Lexington Public Schools.

This transition field experience was held on Wednesday, April 18, 2018 in Kearney, NE.  Participating students toured businesses in the morning - observing different work environments and career fields.  Students focused on the types of jobs and vocations available, organization and options within each business, employability skills, work-related social abilities, and prerequisite skills/educational preparation and requirements.  Businesses graciously participating in the tours included Cabela’s/Bass Pro Shops and Midway Chevrolet car dealerships.

Next, students ate lunch at the UNK Market - located in the Student Union on the University of Nebraska - Kearney campus.  This dining opportunity allowed students to experience “college cuisine and atmosphere”.  

In the afternoon, participating students toured the newly built Central Community College – Kearney Center (CCC-K). The building contains three wings: General Education, Health Sciences, and Skilled/Technical Sciences.  Students also participated in a question/answer session where they discussed admissions requirements, program offerings, and how to access student supports (accommodations) while in college.

At the end of this transition event, students completed a “Rate Your Day” evaluation of their experiences. This feedback revealed the business and CCC-K tours, “hands-on activities”, and “college cuisine” were key event highlights.  According to Martha Diaz, a LHS sophomore in Ms. Archer’s Career Exploration class, “The Kearney business tours and college access day really opened my eyes to possible career options for me.  I learned a lot about local businesses and different careers.  Also, being on the UNK and CCC-Kearney campuses made college seem a real choice that I need to consider for my future.  I’m so glad I got to participate.”

For further information regarding this and additional transitional events/opportunities, please contact Becky Archer, LPS Transition Coordinator, at becky.archer@lexschools.org.