LHS Welcomes Shakespeare!

November 3, 2017

On Wednesday, November 1, Nebraska Shakespeare On Tour brought Romeo and Juliet to the auditorium at the Lexington Middle School. All students at LHS were invited to see the show if they were interested and had passing grades in their classes. The students were provided with a summary of the play and a video before the performance so that they knew what to expect. Nebraska Shakespeare On Tour chose to do an interesting style of play called Epic Theatre form. All seven actors remained on the stage for the entirety of the 75-minute performance. The set did not change and all of the “behind the scenes” activities were done on stage for the audience to see. It was a very interesting and fast-moving production that kept the students’ attention the entire time. The audience asked some questions following the performance and then about 80 students remained after the show to do a workshop with the actors. It was such a wonderful experience for the students in Lexington!