LHS World History

January 17, 2017

Wow second semester is here and running and with it comes a whole new unit of study. This semester started by looking at the Age of Exploration for Western Europe beginning in the 14th century. In class we have started looking at the various different reasons for exploration and how they tie into the 3 G’s of Exploration (Gold, God, and Glory). Students are surprised to see the various different explorers outside of the usual Columbus, Ponce de Leon, and Hernan Cortes. 

Seeing as last semester we didn’t get a single project in we decided to complete one early on this semester. The students were given a list of European explorers and were asked to create a short research project via PowerPoint over one of them. They were given a guide in what to look for but beyond that, they are free to research what they wanted.

Looking ahead at the rest of the semester we will be studying the Age of Enlightenment and eventually work our way towards the Cold War. Wish us luck!