Linking the Roman Republic to the American Republic

November 1, 2017

         In DLP Social Studies the students have been working hard linking the Roman Republic to the American Republic.  Some examples of how they have been relating these two ideas to each other are comparing the idea of the twelve tables, which were the body of laws during the Roman Republic and the Bill of Rights in the United States Constitution.  After they saw the similarities the students had the opportunity to create 12 laws that they thought would benefit the U.S.  They were able to make new laws or keep laws they thought were important.  Another important similarity between the Roman Republic and the United States is that the people (men) of the Roman Republic had the opportunity to vote for their leader.  The students in this class quickly saw the correlation between that aspect and the rights that we have in the U.S.  The last thing that we did in this unit was compare the levels of power in the Roman Republic to the levels of power that they see everyday at school.  The students enjoyed being able to compare all of these ideas and make connections from our present day government to something from so long ago.