Math Day 2017

November 29, 2017

On Thursday, November 16, forty-seven Lexington High School students went to the UNL City Campus for Math Day.  More than 100 schools attended the competition and 1,441 students competed.  Math Day's purpose is to "stimulate interest in mathematics among Nebraska high school students, to encourage them to pursue mathematics or mathematics-based science as a career, and to recognize mathematical ability."  At the competition, students take a PROBE test that consists of 25 questions to be answered in one hour.  The schools then face each other head on head in a Math Bowl.  This year, Kobe Lo (Sr.) and Isaias Pop (Jr.) scored in the top 25% on the PROBE.  Scoring in the top 50% were Molly Con (Sr.), Antonio Stewart (Sr.), Nicolas Jaramillo (Sr.), Makenzie Johnson (Sr.), Hector Melendez (Jr.), Camille Anderson (Sr.), Zulfa Mohamed (Sr.), Danielle Rivera (Sr.), Jaxon Fagot (Jr.), Anely Jimenez (Sr.), Jose Villalpando (Jr.), Tanner Rowe (Sr.), Julia Briones (Sr.), Tessa Eldridge (So.), and Miguel Gonzalez (Sr.).  Students are selected for the competition based on their MAP scores and their success in their math classes.