Math Day at UNL

October 22, 2019

Lexington High School will be competing in the 30th Nebraska Math Day on Thursday, November 14, 2019, hosted by the Department of Mathematics on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln City Campus. More than 100 Nebraska high schools bring studentsfor a day of fast-paced mathematics. Math Day is designed for students in grades 9, 10, 11 and 12 and for exceptional students in lower grades.  After the PROBE I testing session, students will take a tour of the campus.  

Math Day's Purpose

  • stimulate interest in mathematics among Nebraska high schoolstudents,
  • encourage them to pursue mathematics or mathematics-based science as a career, and
  • recognize mathematical ability by awarding scholarships, certificates and trophies.


PROBE I and II:PROBE is the name of the individual competition. It is in two parts. The first part, PROBE I, is a one-hour, multiple-choice exam that is machine-graded. All participants are asked to enter this event. Plaques are awardedto the top five individuals on the PROBE I exam. The top 40 students are invited to enter the second part, PROBE II. PROBE II is a one-hour essay exam that emphasizes knowledge, depth of understanding and written expression. It is graded by faculty in the UNL Department of Mathematics. The PROBE top 10 high school students (sum of I and II) are awarded scholarships to UNL totaling $34,000 (scholarships are contingent upon students enrolling full time at Nebraska and declaring mathematics as one of their majors). All the questions assume only two years high school algebra and one year geometry. However, the answers to PROBE II questions require the creativity and originality that we expect from only the very best students. The PROBE Team Competition is based on the PROBE I exam. Schools are divided into the same six divisions as in the Math Bowl competition. In Classes I and II, the top five scores from each school are added to determine the winners, and in Class III, the top four scores, and in Classes IV, V and VI the top three scores. Plaques are awarded to the schools placing first and second in each division.

Math Bowl: Team Competition:The Math Bowl is a double-elimination tournament pitting three-member teams against each other. The team competitions are divided into six classes, according to school enrollment for grades 9 through 12, with trophies given to the top three teams in each.