MLA's Special Look

September 26, 2017

Carol Carlson Anderbery

MLA. To the students at LHS, this is like another language. Actually, MLA stands for the Modern Language Association and represents a format of documentation for research. MLA has certain standards to make sure papers are documented correctly with in-text citations and a works cited or a works consulted page. What’s the difference? Well, a works cited is all of the articles or materials for which in-text citations have been placed in the paper, and a works consulted includes all of the material used in the research process whether cited or not.  Most students turn in a works consulted with any paper.  Other parts of MLA are one-inch margins, Times New Roman font, a heading on a paper rather than a title page, a header with the author’s last name and page number in the upper right corner, and the entire paper is double-spaced.  The documentation within an MLA paper is the use of these in-text citations or parenthetical notations.  Right within a paper, after a quotation or paraphrased material, the writer places, in parentheses, the author’s last name and page number. The format is different for APA, Chicago, Strunk and White, and other documentation styles. All of this creates a special “look” and academic integrity for an MLA paper! 

Finally, the senior movie night at the Majestic Theatre is Tuesday, October 3, 2017 from 7:00-9:00 P.M. The doors open at 6:30 P.M. Seniors should plan to purchase candy, popcorn, and pop at the theater.  The first quarter extra credit movie is Gifted Hands about the life of Dr. Ben Carson. Students have read the article “Dare to Think Big,” about Carson’s philosophy for success in school and life. Other movie nights will be held each quarter and relate to material studied in class. All seniors should enjoy this motivational movie night!