On Our Rights

October 4, 2019

Over the course of several weeks in American Government the senior class has been discussing American civil rights and civil liberties that are outlined in the amendments to the Constitution. During this time the students have also had the opportunity to have our Resources Officer Kareem McDougall come in and discuss how their rights apply to them in society, and at school. The students were then given the opportunity to ask questions to learn more about the occupation of law enforcement and how the police serve their local community. 

In the course of this unit the students also have been given an opportunity to express their First Amendment right of petition by writing to Congressman Adrian Smith about current issues and topics and wedge issues that we face in our society. These letters will be mailed directly to Adrian Smith’s office in Grand Island. 

As we move away from our study of civil rights and civil liberties we will be stepping into the study of political theories. The students will be tasked with evaluating their own political beliefs, and will be able to accurately articulate the beliefs of the major and minor parties of our nation. This will conclude with students working to develop their own party and voice and see if how their beliefs match candidates and issues from around the country at the eve of our nation’s electoral year.