Opportunities Outside of the Classroom for ELL Students and Others!

September 9, 2019

At LHS there are many things happening each day in each classroom, but there are also so many different opportunities to be involved in outside of the classroom. As an ELL student learning there is fear or uncertainty of being involved in activities outside of the classroom. This year we are excited to have some ELL students who are new and working on mastering their English on the LHS Freshman football team. The great part is that for any student, the more involved you are outside of the classroom, sports or activities, you grow in the class and as a person. As the year gets underway there have been opportunities to get out and support your Minutemaids/Minutemen. Anything ranging from a cross-country race, softball game, boy’s tennis match and football game, pep rallies, and band. Keeping the student body busy and proud is one of the many things that LHS does well. So if you find yourself with a free afternoon or evening pull up the LHS website and see what LHS sport or activity you can find your way to so you can share in some excitement and proud moments that LHS provides.