Pack Your Wagon

October 31, 2016

The Freshman History class has been studying the “Era of Manifest Destiny.”  Manifest Destiny is the belief that the United States should own all the land between the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean, including the Oregon territory.  The main route to Oregon was the Oregon Trail.

The Oregon Trail was very important to Nebraska History because it was the first time that  a vast amount of people traveled through Nebraska.

One of the activities students had to complete was to plan their own trip to Oregon during the time of the pioneers.   Each student was given a list of supplies and was informed of how many supplies they needed for a family of four. They were limited to taking 2400 lbs per covered wagon.  After students selected their supplies they were put in groups to compare and decide on a master list of needed items. Once the list was complete, they were then to plan for a two week trip in a vehicle at the present time. To conclude the activity, students were given a list of questions that compared the Oregon Trail pioneers and modern day travelers.