Raising the Bar to Reach College

March 20, 2019

        College classes in high school? This is not a new thought. Lexington High School has been offering college classes through Nebraska Wesleyan University since 2002. Vicki Richman was the first instructor to offer a dual credit English course at Lexington High School. We were among the first twenty-five schools to be involved with the new concept of dual credit classes. Nebraska Wesleyan not only offers college credits to students but also allows students to learn what they should in high school. This means the Wesleyan classes for the Honors Academy is dual credit—high school and college credit at the same time. So, students are not just taking the classes for college credit. These students are completing high school andearning college credit, which means no gaps should occur in their education while completing the classes. Currently Lexington offers two classes for college English credit: English 1010 English Language and Writing and English 1020 Composition, Language, and Literature. English 1010 guides students to write clearer and more confidently. A variety of writing is done from reflections and narratives to argumentative papers and exposition. The students especially work on revision and the “origin, development, and current nature of the English language.” No, text writing like we do on cell phones is not permitted. English 1020 has students responding to literature and writing about literature. Multiple genres are used for both classes. Again, argumentative and research writing is a part of both the college and high school curricula. These two English classes are designed to give the student a taste of college in high school and raise the bar on student learning. So, the expectations for success are kept high. These classes most certainly prepare our students for not only college but life.