Road Map of the Mind: Mind Mapping and To Kill a Mockingbird

November 26, 2018

Road Map of the Mind:

Mind Mapping and To Kill a Mockingbird

            It won’t be long now before the students in Miss Ramirez’s English 1 classes come face to face with the life-altering, blood-burning, emotionally-triggering “trial scene” in To Kill a Mockingbird. For those who are life-long fans of the beloved classic written by Harper Lee during the racially tense 1960’s, you know what I mean. For those who are not familiar with the coming-of-age story featuring Scout Finch, I highly recommend the book. Regardless, as the novel continues to gain momentum and tensions grow in Maycomb County, minds in the classroom whirl as students work to map their minds’ understanding of To Kill a Mockingbird

            After students worked their way through “Part 1” of Harpers Lee’s Pulitzer Prize-winning book, they were asked to complete a mind-map which demonstrated their understanding of the novel in a unique and perhaps revolutionary way. Mind Mapping is a practice perfected by Tony Buzon. Buzon’s theory of mind mapping combines language, images, and color to create a more effective way of notetaking. According to Buzon’s theory, mind mapping is more effective in helping students take and remember notes than the traditional pen to paper approach. Essentially, mind mapping is an organic and almost natural way for students to capture their thoughts in a concise and effective manner. 

            For class, students were asked to create a mind map which illustrated important elements during the first part of the novel. The students were asked to identify characters, plot, theme, conflict, and setting on their maps. The map will help to serve as a guide leading into the upcoming weeks of the book and ultimately the final test and project the students have over the contents of the story. Below are pictures of completed mind maps created by several English 1 students this week. 


Left: Angel Maciel (9)

Right: Sarah Treffer (9)        


Left: Brisa Garcia (9)

Right: Taya Berry (9)


Left: Fredy Vargas (9)

Right: Cynthia Rosas (9)