Robotics and Programming

September 19, 2018

It has been an exciting start to the 2018-19 school year at Lexington High School. I have been fortunate to join this amazing community in the CTE (Career Technical Education) department and have added a robotics and several computer programming classes to the schedule. Students have the opportunity to learn three computer programming languages. One class that is being offered is App Design. Students in this class are learning to program iOS devices, with swift and Xcode being the programming language. Students will be able to create and build an app that will run on an iOS device. Game Lab is another class that is being offered this year as well. Students will be learning to program with javascript and python. As students progress through this course they will be able to create, build and program a game.  The final programming language students are learning is html and css. This is the language for websites. Students are designing and building a personal website in this class. We are looking forward to sharing these websites after we have completed them. The robotics class is still waiting on the newly released vex robots to be shipped. In this class students will be designing and building a robot to do a particular task. They will need to program these robots to be autonomous as well as program them to be human controlled. Students have been engaged in a few engineering challenges. 

Jimu Robot (Students built a Jimu Robot and are programming it to move.)

Robot (Students built and programmed an autonomous robot with a Sparkfun kit)

Makey_Makey (Students created a dance off challenge using Makey_Makey and Scratch)