Rock of Ages Rocked it!

April 12, 2019

What a wonderful performance by students and staff with the musical Rock of Ages!  I laughed at the antics, jokes, and one-liners and cried at the clothes – I cried more because I grew up when many of those clothes were the fashion. I remember platform shoes and weird ways people dressed.  One of my classmates made a pair of sandals with soles that were 12 inches high. I think he only wore them once. My laughter was not only with the jokes and dialogue, but also at my era and what we did. 

However, the greatest enjoyment was watching the accomplishment of the choreography of lines and movement. It takes a lot of practice to herd a bunch of kids tired from school and activities into a cohesive group to present the message of the musical, but it happened. Kudos to Mr. Botsford, Mrs. Chesley and the others who did the herding. The confidence and joy on the faces of the students was rewarding as they confirmed for themselves that they could do it - that the hard work paid off. They knew they did well and we knew they did well. 

I appreciate those times when we get to see students outside of the normal day of walking in the hallways and sitting in the classrooms. We get to see them showcase talents and skills we may not have known they possess. We get to see their depth. 

So now when I look at kids faces above their books and computers, I not only see that English student, but I also see the actor, the singer, the one wearing the big fluffy feather dress or knee high platform boots, the one who stirred my heart with music, and the one who looked up into the spotlights with total ease as they became their character. 

In case you don’t see it, I am giving you a standing ovation.