Senior English Wrap-Up

May 15, 2017

          The seniors’ last day was Wednesday, May 10, 2017.  However, the days before this were a mad crush of reading/listening to Macbeth, Wordbook vocabulary lessons, finishing the 120 Daily Oral Language exercises, finishing The Canterbury Tales, preparing for the semester exams, and viewing the iMovie projects in College English II. Two of the more interesting projects were learning about “The Prologue” to The Canterbury Tales and watching the amazing iMovie projects, which were the research projects for second semester.

            For “The Prologue” to The Canterbury Tales, the students were assigned a partner or were in small groups of three to do characterizations of one of the twenty characters from Geoffrey Chaucer’s narrative poems.  The assignment was to create a one-page study of the assigned character using the software application called ComicLife. Other requirements were the name of the character, the names of the partners or small group members, the page number from the text, pictures with citations to depict the character, accuracy to the information told about the character by Chaucer, and correct conventions.  One of the pages is included in this newsletter. The students had fun with the assignment and did an excellent job of summarizing information for a character study through conversation, visual information, and textual commentary. A color comic book of all twenty characters was created for each student.

            A major research project for the College English II students was an iMovie research project. The assignment was graded on conventions, audio quality, an overall presentation grade, content, citing resources, and length. The students were required to research a topic dealing with Dawson County. Some new projects this year were the Dawson County Hero Flight, Plum Creek Market, this year’s soccer teams, seventh and eighth grade basketball, the yearbook, YMCA adult basketball leagues, Dawson Public Power, Automotive Class at LHS, Washington, D.C. Trip, Lexington High School Powerlifting Team, Mr. Hoyt’s Construction Class, Saddle Pals—Therapeutic Riding, LHS Quilt Club, LHS Girls Tennis Team, Plum Creek Care Center, La Casa Vazquez, Lexington’s Church of Christ, L-Club, FFA, Prom 2017, LHS Speech Team, Healing Hearts and Families, Piñata Time, Benefits of Strength Training and Summer Weights, Dual Credit Classes at LHS, Long’s Honey Farm, Diversity at Lexington High School, and Royal Family Kids Camp. Many other projects were done, but these were unique to this year. The students critiqued each other’s projects as they were shown in class; however, not all projects were shown.

            These iMovies are a great promotional tool for a membership drive or to show an organization’s benefits. Please contact me at the high school (308-324-4691) if you would like to see any of these movies to learn more about an organization, club, or program.