Six-Word Memoirs

August 30, 2016

Ms. Carol Carlson

         How can a short story be told in six words? This was a challenge given to Ernest Hemingway, who created the first Six-Word Memoir. He wrote: “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” Following Hemingway, Smith Magazine has collected many six-word stories from its readers, including both the rich and famous and the not-so-rich and famous. English 4 and College English I students used this activity as a personal introduction. The Six-Word Memoirs had to be personal, were limited to six words, and had to be a sentence. The students read some examples to be inspired and were encouraged to use synonyms to strength the memoir.  They then published the memoir by creating a PowerPoint slide with pictures and the URL for the image.  The final step was to tell their classmates more as to what these six words and pictures meant in individual class presentations. The students who turned in their work on time are listed below by class period.


            Sandra Adame-Lopez: “Just go along for the ride.”

            Eliseo Alcantar-Alvarez: “Everyone hears what they want to.”

            Tim Araujo: “These boots are made for walking.”

            Alfredo Barrera: “Behind an endless mask without enlightenment.”

            Adrian Cardiel-Diaz: “Stay determined and never give up.”

            Betzy Castellanos:  “Pessimistic artist looking to paint peace.”

            Joana Castillo-Saenz: “In this world forever isn’t forever.”

            Jordan Hudson: “Nobody cared, they they did, Why?” Chuck- Klosterman

            Hunter Kiburz: “Basketball: A fastbreak of life moving.”

            Eva Lopez: “Music is the truth behind lies.”

            Isidro Lucero: “Rain. What a euphoric, relaxing experience.”

            Jose Morelos-Ambriz: “Work hard now; rest hard later.”

            Gaspariny Nolasco: “You almost caught these fiery hands.”

            Ana Ortiz: “You’re here. Might as well finish.”

            Angelica Pargas: “My auspice is the ephemeral adventure.”

            Paola Pinedo: “Regrets and mistakes are memories made.”

            Keneth Sanchez: “Miracles are not found; they’re made.”

            Alison Villa-Gomez: “Bravery is the key to greatness.”

            Lane Wecker: “I fail; so, therefore, I succeed?”

            Everardo Alvarez-Chacon: “Just a kid but not anymore.”

            Eric Covarrubias: “Lost myself before I could succeed.”

            Mario Crispin-Cipriano: “Forget about fear. Take a chance.”

            Roxana Faudoa: “Guess what? I procrastinated on this.”

            Adrian Gomez: “Through trials and tribulations, I triumphed.

            Job Gomez: “Not the best but still trying.”

            Barron Gonzalez: “Thinking is dangerous; unpleasant thoughts attack.”

            Melissa Juan: “Being pressured to succeed is trouble.”

            Derik Juarez: “Soccer is my ultimate stress suppressor.”

            Maxwell Kerr: “When the hood drops, everything stops.”

            Juan Ortiz: “I can be whoever I want.”

            Samantha Quinonez-Linarez: “We don’t meet people by accident.”

            Jesse Ramirez: “Don’t ruin today thinking about yesterday.”

            Oscar Ramirez-Bocanegra: “Confidence: don’t think. Go for it.”

            Alex Rodriguez: “In the end, we create memories.”

            Ana Sanchez: “A single banana, bruised and unwanted.”

            Bernardo Sarmiento-Borrego: The midst of darkness contains radiance.”

            Joel Torres: “Work hard for everything I want.”

            Jesus Vazquez: “Embrace ups and downs. Enjoy life.”

            Lisseth Zamora-Rincon: “Music is my escape from reality.”

            Zakaria Abdullahi: “When all fails, get back up.”

            Beatrice Alvarado: “Smiling may be the best mask.”

            Joshua Duncan: “Chill out and let it go.”

            Pedro Francisco: “My life in my own hands.”

            Cristobal Gonzalez: “Humble towards many, not towards all.”

            Ruben Gonzalez-Reyes: “Think fast, train hard, play soccer.”

            Jessica Guerrero-Hurtado: “A quiet person but loud thinker.

            Eddie Morales: “I win or I learn—period.

            Norma Navarrete: “Family is my perception in life.”

            Emmanuel Perez-Juarez: “Show them how great you are.”

            Julio Pinedo: “Chasing dreams, thinking about the green.”

            Judith Avalos: “I choose happiness on sorry days.”

            Citally Bello: “You can’t fight what you love.”

            Blanca Ceja: “Family, dancing, and riding fulfill me.”

            Lesly Chali: “Your background is not your identity.”

            Vanessa Fierro: “Different people, different hopes, different dreams.”

            Rodolfo Francisco-Francisco: “An attempt is better than nothing.”

            Franklin Garay-Lainez: “I strive to prove people wrong.”

            Juan Garcia: “My. Pace. Is so different. . . See?

            Mayra Garcia: “This moment contains my whole life.”

            Guadalupe Gomez: “Don’t be fulfilled with the minimum.”

            Jessica Herrera-Magana: “Strive for success not for failure.”

            Said Ismail: “I eat, therefore, I am fulfilled.”

            Evan Neben: “The unspoken is the Most Revealing.”

            Diandra Ochoa: “My smile holds a thousand stories.”

            Christian Reeves: “So lost. Had to Google myself.”

            Gisell Rivas: “Full of faith, I’m never alone.”

            Michelle Rodriguez: “Despair dripped from her batting eyes.”

            Christopher Rogers: “Always curious; always seeking greater knowledge.”

            Isabella Sifuentes: “Death the mastered experience of freedom.”

            Gerardo Vazquez: “CHILL OUT, it’s just a plant.”

            Ronaldo Vicente-Menjivar: “Dreams can inspire; dreams become reality.”

            Daniel Alvarez: “Striving to make my family proud.”

            Myrna Borjon-Gutierrez: “Self-doubt genuinely should be my name,”

            Joel Burkholder: “I’ve been sailing without a compass.”

            Emerson Canales-Chavez: “Torn between two sides: I win.”

            Henry Chacon: “Stay hungry: Be successful in life.”

            Danielle Christensen: “Don’t leave strings out to fray.”

            Luis De La Torre: “Self-acceptance; the world against you.”

            Makayla Derrick “New town, new home, new faces.”

            Anabel Gonzalez: “Families don’t share blood alcohol levels.”

            Clay Hernandez: “I am lost, still not found.” “Emotions silent, but I am loud.”

            Yenifer Herrera: “Long road ahead; no clear view.”

            Alex Jimenez: “Don’t dwell in darkness; dawn awaits.”

            Danielle Lindeman: “I never jump without a parachute.”

            Rosmy Lopez “Don’t cut what can be untied.”

            Freddy Lopez:: “Life’s a story; be the author.”

            Julieta Lugo: “Believer of fate. Yet left questioning.”

            Alex Morales-Chavez: “Procrastination runs through all my veins.”

            Jacqueline Morataya: “I laughed till my worldview scuffed.”

            Austin Probasco: “Character is developed through enduring failure.”

            Ashley Ruiz: “Optimistic even though life get tough.”

            Maria Ruiz: “I tripped, I broke, I healed.”

            Maggie Salas: “Broken legs but I chase perfection.”

            Yailin Santoyo-Garcia: “Her demeanor is ambitious and simplistic.”

            Kevin Toledo-Frutos: “Utilizing negative talk to overcome failure,”

            Leah Treffer: “Good is good, but not enough.”

            Beverly Trevino: “In the best way I can.”

            Chelsea Villa: “Who said one couldn’t do it?”

            Bailey Woolley: “Divorce has me split in half.”

            Jessica Ambriz: “Love yourself; negativity is the enemy.”

            Cristina Arteaga-Ruiz: “My canvas holds a thousand secrets.”

            Mark Barrientos: “Pain: we become immune to it.”

            Stephanie Cabarcas: “Sanguine dreamer disoriented in a nightmare.”

            Ashtyn Decker: “Every circumstance is looked at optimistically.”

            Blaire Edeal: “Everyone thinks I’m the rich girl.”

            Trey Fago: “Love is what propels my achievements.”

            Lili Fattig: “What hurts today becomes strength tomorrow.”

            Daniela Flores: “Terrified of making the wrong decisions.”

            Ana Hernandez-Avalos: “Shy outside, inside mind taking over.”

            Katheline Hernandez-Avalos: “Separated by force waiting for hope.”

            Justina Hoisington: “Colors are dull without any love.”

            Tori Huerta: “Through trial and suffering I prevailed.”

            Landon Mader: “When words fail, my music speaks.”

            Madeline Medina: “It’s not hate; it’s just anger.”

            Emelin Ortega: “Beyond my eyelids I see galaxies.”

            Jennifer Quinteros: “It’s not easy but not impossible.”Bianca

            Jonas Martin: “Take a breath and move forward.”

            Bryan Martinez: “Work hard, make money, break bread.”

            Bianca Munoz-Torres: “My cell phone controls my life.”

            William Perez-Lopez: “Music is my way of freedom.”

            Annai Quinonez: “Life is usually great until Monday.”

            Brandon Sanchez: “Picture perfect; not behind the camera.”

            Jose Sanchez: “Without direction but definitely not lost.”

            Yanexy Torres: “Life’s good with or without you.”

            Sergio Vazquez: “Life is a ride; enjoy it.”