Spanish Grammar and a Trip!

September 5, 2018

Hello, In Spanish 1 for native speakers, we are learning about how to put accents in Spanish. The students are developing their understanding of the grammar rules for putting an accent to a word when required. It is our goal to achieve this knowledge before the end of the first quarter. Tutoring after school is open for students, and it is a great resource to reinforce their knowledge if needed. 

Also, a new trip has been open for the summer of 2020 to France and Spain. Students will have the opportunity to join us on a 7-day trip to the cities of Barcelona and Paris. In order to be eligible to apply, a student needs to be enrolled or has taken a Spanish or French class. 

This trip will give them the chance of exploring and learning about two different cultures and see the world from a different perspective. The 'Eiffel Tower" in Paris and "Sagrada Familia" in Barcelona are two of the many places we will visit on this trip. This trip will also be open to the parents of the students if they wish to go. 


La Sagrada Familia
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