Sports Info & Technology

March 1, 2018

There always seems to be something new or different happening in room 401. On Monday, the students of the Sports Info Tech class distributed their first episode of the school announcements. On Friday, the students set up a studio complete with lights, a desk, camera, and iPad TelePrompTer. The three students on this project stayed a little after class to finish recording the script. The video was edited, put on a Vimeo account and pushed out to the teachers. There was a great response after second period and because of some constructive criticism there are already two additions to the LTV announcements segment. Starting Tuesday, birthdays will be announced as well as the weather.  

Although Sports Info Tech is primarily a sports based class, students are given the opportunity to explore other aspects of journalism. By presenting the daily announcements students develop many skills. They have to work quickly on a script, plan who will say what part, read from a TelePrompTer, develop on camera skills, edit video quickly, meet a daily deadline, and be able to take criticism from students and staff.   

As the semester progresses our hope is that the students will have a place to present their sports segments as well as other things that interest them.