Students Discover Their Creativity with the iPad and Apple Clips!

August 16, 2019

     Students in Mr. Patocka's Spanish classes will have the opportunity to use their iPads to harness their creativity and practice with their classmates, communication in Spanish. Thanks to the new iPad program, Apple Clips, students can now create and share their weekly in class conversations limited only by their imagination and conversation guidelines.

     In the past, students received a weekly conversation topic and were responsible for the composition and presentation of the conversation, entirely in Spanish.  While the composition, error correction and presentation made each student a more effective communicator, Apple Clips now allows the students to film their conversation to give a more "movie like" experience.  

     Apple Clips is a very powerful program developed especially for the iPad which, similar to iMovie, allows real time filming and editing and can now include special effects, closed captioning, titles, green screen effects, etc.  

     With the ability of these movies to be shared with the instructor, these mini movies can be shared for further editing to be sure that the weekly concept is covered in the communication and presentation before the rest of the class gets to see them. Once the production of the video is finished, the students get to enjoy a cinema-like experience and share the weekly concepts in Spanish at the same time!