Students Discover We Have A Lot More In Common

May 13, 2019

Students in Mr. Patocka's Spanish 2 classes are learning a bit more about Hispanic heritage in the USA by investigating cities in our country that have the highest per-capita numbers of people of Hispanic descent. 

What students have learned is that not just large cities like Chicago, Miami and Houston have a large and growing population of people with Hispanic heritage but even smaller towns like Jackpot, Nevada and Minidoka, Idaho have had a Hispanic presence that traces its roots back several generations and in some places, several-hundred years. 

Students must not only give us a "grand tour" of the town they were assigned using Google Slides, but must also cite their sources of information and validate demographic information that is shared with the class. 

A project like this not only allows students to use data and information found online, along with digital presentation resources, but they also come to realize how much we as a population truly do have in common. They also learn that you don't always have to travel to another country to meet people that have a history and origin from a location different than your own!