Students Have Multiple Options to Prepare for the ACT

October 9, 2018

        Students from Lexington High School planning to take the ACT have several options for extra practice to prepare.  Beginning this year, all students have access to ACT academy, a program that provides instruction and practice on prerequisite skills necessary to be ACT ready.  Students may have teachers using this program to assign certain activities in order to practice for the ACT. In addition, all LHS juniors have access to ACT prep accounts, which allow students to take practice tests, play games to practice skills, and to work through an individualized path to ACT readiness. If students need help setting up either account, they should talk to a counselor or see Mrs. Fitzgerald.

        In addition, all teachers at LHS are making an effort to prepare students for the ACT.  Some teachers provide practice problems as their sponge activity at the beginning of class, while other teachers work on timed activities that get students used to time constraints of a standardized test.