Students to compete in district National History Day contest in March

March 2, 2018

Forty students from Ms. Chesley’s English II Honors and Mr. Foster’s American History II Honors will compete in the National History Day competition at the University of Nebraska-Kearney on Wednesday, March 7.

All students wrote a historical research paper under the 2018 theme “Compromise and Conflict.”  Students chose their own topics, almost all of which were about American History, and topics had to be in a historical context, at least twenty years in the past.

Historical papers are required to be between 1500-2500 words, and in addition to the Works Cited, students must include an annotated bibliography describing their primary and secondary sources and how they used these sources in their research.  

Each student will have a ten-minute interview with a judge, all faculty of the UNK History Department.  Professors include district coordinator Dr. James Rohrer, Dr. Mary Beth Ailes, Dr. Pradeep Barua, Dr. Roy Koepp and Dr. Carol Lilly.  Professors will ask students questions about their research:  how they developed their topic under the theme, how they used their best sources, the challenges they had while researching, and other relevant questions as to their papers’ historical accuracy and context.  Students are expected to show analysis and interpretation of their topic and draw conclusions about the significance of their topic through history.  

The top three selections in each category have the opportunity to compete at the State National History Day in April.