Super Sculptors

February 13, 2019

Students in Art 4 have been working with a new sculpting media, polymer clay.  The clay is called super sculpey, without a “t”.  The upside to the clay is it’s workability.  It will virtually never go bad or get too firm to work with until baked.  Although it’s been a challenge working with a new medium, most students have enjoyed the process.  

Once finished, the sculptures are placed in a normal oven, and baked at 275 degrees for 20 minutes. After cooling, the sculptures can be painted with normal acrylic paints. 

The students have been working hard on their sculptures, ranging from expressive koi fish, to realistic gorillas.  Below, junior Fredy Velasquez works on adding texture to his gorilla. When asked about adding the texture, “It’s taking a long time making the hair.  It’s looking like an actual silver-back gorilla.”

Senior, Claudia Velasquez, is also adding texture to her dinosaur. “I think it makes it more life-like.” 

Some who find their way into the art classroom aren’t natural artists, but they try to learn new things.  Senior, Logen Callahan, is one such student.  “I find it very challenging, even though I’m trying. I need a lot of help.” Below, Callahan hopelessly stares at his figure.