System 44™

February 1, 2018

     Students in the ELL program at the Middle School and High School work through a reading program called System 44.  The program has four components that teach decoding, spelling, and reading comprehension.  Students all work at their own pace on different elements of the program, which consists of 25 levels. 

     One component is a Decodable Reader.  Students read a selection and fill out a guided reading questionnaire. They then read the selection to a teacher or paraprofessional. 

     Another part of the program is a Workbook.  Students work independently to complete skill practice pages in the workbook.  A teacher or paraprofessional then corrects the pages they have finished. 

     A third component is work on the Computer.  Students logon and work on spelling or phonics practice.  Lastly, there is a “Library” in which students read short non-fiction books.  They fill out a guided reading questionnaire and take a test on the computer.  Students must score an 80% or above on the book quiz.  Students are given more than one opportunity to retake the book quiz if they do not earn a passing score.

     Generally, it takes a year and a half for students to complete the System 44 Reading Program although some students may complete the program in less time.  A few students may even take longer.