This semester in Speech by Daniel Arias

October 17, 2016

     Our Lexington High School has once again implemented Speech into the required curriculum. As a person that is passionate about the power of Speech, I was ecstatic about the opportunity of having this course once more (star wars villain sound). Moreover, Speech will also be a part of the Middle School, meaning we will now have the opportunity for a real, “scope and sequence.” This is very exciting for our school and for our kids. Exposure to public speaking is critical at a young age. Speaking in a controlled room allows you an opportunity to build confidence and test the waters of what can be achieved using your voice.

     This semester my class has gotten off to an excellent start. We started the year by assigning a country to every student. Kids are responsible for researching this country and staying up to date on what is happening in that country. At the beginning of each class a group of students deliver a short news broadcast where they inform their peers of what is happening in their part of the world. So far this has been a very effective way of keeping students informed and talking in front of a group.

     We are also currently working on more platform based speeches. Every new unit is added to their broadcast. Stage movement and gestures has been our most recent focus and we’ve had a fun time getting used to connecting our voice to our body movement and language. Our class is constantly evolving and I look forward to completing a curriculum this year that’s heavily influenced by the current state of our world; after all, we are preparing students to have a voice in THIS world.