Three—Two—One—TIME’S UP! Please step away from the tables.

May 19, 2017

Those are the dreaded words students didn’t want to hear at the annual competition of CHOPPED held in Mrs. Gydesen’s Foods II classes on Tuesday, May 9, 2017.   As an end of the year project students participated in a contest styled after the Food Network show, CHOPPED.  On the show four chefs are challenged to prepare unforgettable dishes from mystery ingredients in the short time allowed.  There are three rounds with one chef being ‘chopped’ after each round by celebrity chefs.  The show can take up to 12 hours to produce so the Foods II students pared it down to a 30-minute competition.   There are four kitchens in the LHS Foods Lab.  Mrs. Gydesen selected one head and one sous chef in each kitchen.  The students in each kitchen had to make an entrée out of the four mystery ingredients.  They had to use every item in the box in some way.  Other ingredients were available from the refrigerator and pantry.  The course was timed to 30 minutes.  Each class was judged by four sets of Lexington’s own famous chefs.  The four classes all had different ingredients in the boxes so every class was truly surprised.      

An example of the boxes’ contents was:  beef stew meat, couscous, fresh broccoli and a strawberry pop tart.  There was one winner per class.  The students created amazing dishes, surprising the judges and -- in some ways, themselves!