US History for 500 Alex

October 25, 2019

Answer: The Olympics, The 4th of July, Early 19th Century US Politics. What are moments when American Nationalism is extremely high? Nationalism is loosely defined as having strong pride in one’s country above others or placing the national interests of a country above regional concerns. Our American History I students are wrapping up a unit in which they investigated major Supreme Court cases like Gibbons v. Ogden and McCulloch v. Maryland, foreign policy measures such as the Adams-Onis Treaty and Monroe Doctrine, and internal measures such as the Missouri Compromise in search of nationalist tones. In each specific case students were able to uncover information that shows Congress and our early leaders acting with the best interest of the country in mind rather than the wishes of a specific group. Unfortunately this is not a game of Jeopardy and none of us are $500 richer however, there are many students who know how having pride in your country can shape government policy, the importance of compromise, and the importance of placing the needs of the group ahead of the person. As we enter this upcoming election season these ideas and concepts will be at the forefront of our discussions. Now, pick again...