Use of Technology Helps in Reviewing Concepts

October 29, 2018

     ELL classes use technology in a variety of ways.  A wide range of online programs are easily available for all school disciplines.  Many programs are free, while some may charge a fee.  One of the simplest ways for teachers to implement the use of this technology is in reviewing concepts they are teaching in their classrooms.  

     One program Mrs. Malcom uses in her Transition 1 ELL classes to review skills with students is called Kahoot!.  Kahoot! allows teachers to make quiz games in any subject area.  Teachers may make up a quiz themselves or choose to use quizzes made by other teachers.  There are hundreds of quizzes available!  A teacher can add in as many questions as he or she likes, and designates the correct answers.  The program assigns the quiz a number.  Students use that number to log in to play the game.  After each question students are immediately shown the correct response and they also get to see the overall points of all the players.  This makes each quiz very competitive!  

     The pictures shown here are of students playing a game to review the properties of addition.  This game was made by a teacher in another state and was already in the quiz bank.  The skills were exactly the ones Mrs. Malcom’s class had been studying so she chose to use this quiz rather than make her own.