Welding in the Spring-

April 15, 2019

      As spring approaches we all find ourselves searching for warmer weather. As a class we have been working on many things, one of which was learning to weld in the elements. The day we chose to weld outside proved to be the perfect day to test the skills and patience of the welding students. It was a cold, rainy, windy day that threatened snow throughout. Each student got to test their abilities by welding a variety of welds. This was a great experience for the students and gave them some real world, hands-on learning. While we are always busy pushing to get outside of our comfort zone, we also are working hard this spring to keep up with our skills and stay dialed in on what we learned all of first semester. The classes are also working on building a pipeline in the shop to go along with our long term project that covered the Trans Alaska Pipeline, this has turned out to be a very fun and challenging task and we are excited to complete the project and then test it! Have a happy spring everyone!!!!