"What do I do Now? For Seniors"

November 21, 2014

This is the time of year when Seniors begin to get a little nervous about college and scholarships.  A Financial Aid Information night was held in October with EducationQuest to explain the Federal Financial Aid process….FAFSA.  By the time students go home for Christmas vacation there are several things we would like them to have completed.

  • Applications for admission to their top 3 schools needs to be completed
  • Transcript request for those colleges to Mrs. Wozny
  • Three letters of recommendation need to be asked for from teachers and from one person outside school.
  • Resume updated

Over vacation is a good time to scan the list of scholarships on the Counseling Office’s website and decide which ones the student will apply for.  The address is:


Apply for as many as qualified for.  Don’t forget to check your place of employment, church and/or organizations where you belong to see if they offer scholarships.  The student’s counselor has gone over all the information with each student and will be there to help.  Our numbers are:

Cyndi Hoyt               324-1269

Michele McKeone       324-1268

Betsy Noller             324-1272