What is a "Weekly Web Project"?

October 30, 2018

Students that have taken or currently take Spanish with Mr. Patocka are more than familiar with an assignment called, The Weekly Web Project.  These assignments help students in all levels of Spanish discover Internet-based resources related directly to the Spanish speaking world.   

Weekly Web Projects have included visits to virtual museums in Mexico, shopping in supermarkets and stores in Spain, as well as challenging learning games to help them better learn verb conjugation and vocabulary practice.  Each level of Spanish has their own unique web project and get to visit a new website just about every week! 

Having technology in the hands of every LHS student allows these resources to be readily available and assist Spanish students in their journey to reading, writing, and speaking fluency. 

Image retrieved from: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-reMsYjeaQ1o/T5-OHpWkdRI/AAAAAAAAAGs/mfo0a_0TvRA/s1600/Fastest+Internet+Connection+in+the+World.jpg