What is Happening in Ms. Klein’s Classes?

November 2, 2016

Mr. Hoehner has brought back classroom higher standards.  In Ms. Klein’s class the higher standards are….

  • We will always dress appropriately.
  • We will always have our planner filled out.
  • We will be in our seats when the bell rings.
  • If we know we are going to be absent, we will make a plan prior to the absence.
  • If we have an unplanned absence, we will make a plan by 8:00 a.m. the day we return either via email or in person.
  • When we do not meet these higher standards, we will accept the consequences graciously.


Applied Science has just finished up completing several activities and a chapter on space.  The activities included: “How Many Drops of Water Will Fit on a Penny:  Tap Water vs. Soapy Water?”, “Does the Size of the Bess Bug Effect Its Pulling Power?", and “How Does Surface Area Effect the Number of Pennies a Paper Raft Will Hold?" They have also been reading many interesting stories.

Chemistry students have been busy learning about the history and background of chemistry.  Students have memorized the name and symbols of many elements.  They have learned how to calculate molar mass, moles, and number of atoms/molecules of given mass of an element or compound.  Several students made stuffed moles in celebration of Mole Day, October 23.  Students have learned about the many scientists that were involved in developing the basis of chemistry knowledge.  They are also able to identify many of the “hidden” parts of the periodic table…groups/families, periods, blocks, valence electrons, ions most likely to form, etc.  Honors students have written several essays and are now reading Silent Spring. 

Homeroom students have been busy, too.  Our MAP goal setting was finished in record time.  Students are now focused on raising our DG score.

Things are always busy in Ms. Klein’s room, and we are probably laughing about something.   We are always extra lively because of all the extra oxygen due to all the plants! Be sure to stop by if you have some time!!