What’s Happening in LHS Agriculture Classes?

March 16, 2018

          This year we have 4 young girls starting a research project.  This project is working with an Aquaponics system.  This project was funded through a grant given to the University of Nebraska to help educate high school and junior high students in the effects of Aquaponics.  Aquaponics is growing plants without the use of soil; instead it uses soil media such as gravel and coconut fiber.  The plants get their nutrients from fish and other microorganisms in the water. 

          This project will help the students see how the nutritional cycle works with aquaponics.  This system is set up with sensors to monitor water temperature, nitrate level, pH level and oxygen levels in the water.  This project, if successful can be used for many years and can also grow into a larger project known as “Farm to Food”.  Below is a picture of the system the girls had to construct and program.