Working Walks in Independent Living Skills

September 13, 2019

      Independent Living Skills is a classroom where students learn functional skills and basic skills to be as independent as they can be. If you ever come to the high school you may see handprints around the building. We are working on language skills by doing working walks around the building. The handprints are to keep the students motivated by giving themselves a high five or to regain focus.  On these working walks students are asked what certain items are, respond to questions, be social with others, and learn basic safety signs.  Some of our students respond with their voice while others may use a communication device. The boys are working super hard to master as many of these items as possible. Last year the students mastered over 100 items. As a class we are excited to see how far we can go this year! So if you see us out in the building don’t be afraid to come say hi or give yourself a high five with one our many hand prints around the building.