You Have Died of Dysentery

October 26, 2018

Robb Koerting

Social Studies

RM 613

        If you happened to grow up in the 90s like I did nothing quite compared to the excitement of playing Oregon Trail on a grey Apple II computer. The omnipresent danger of you or one of your loved ones traveling with you succumbing to death by a cause none of us had heard of before was intense but none the less we forged on. We continued the journey like many thousands of people did before us as they sought out new land and new opportunity out west. Technology has certainly come a long way and the Apple II computer appears to be as ancient as the Trail itself but the impact each has had on America is still felt. Our freshmen historians recently relived the trials and tribulations of our 19th century travelers as we dissected the Migrant Trails and their importance in westward expansion, but not before spending a couple of days debating whether or not America should expand west in the first place. Some of us were fortunate enough to make the trip west to Gering this football season and saw the infamous Chimney Rock which acted as an important landmark for adventurers of the mid 1800s. Fortunately, none of us died of dysentery.