Youth Science Field Day 2018

October 9, 2018

        This past week the biology, biology honors, and agriculture students attended the Youth Science Day at the Dawson County Fairgrounds. This was put on by the University of Nebraska Extension Office in Dawson County. The primary goal of this is to expose students, mostly sophomores, to careers in science. 

        Students were able to choose between different tracts depending on their interests. Tract one focused mostly on agricultural sciences where students learned about careers in soils science and agronomy, plant science where they learned how to diagnose crop damage, equine science where they observed horses and learned about the genetics of horses, and ruminant nutrition where they were able to put their hands inside a fistulated cow. Tract two focused more on laboratory sciences where they learned how to draw blood and test it. Thanks to Ms. Allnutt and Mr. Zarate for donating their arms and blood. They also learned about careers in physical and respiratory therapy, as well as in textiles. 

        Students also attended general sessions where they learned about careers in fuels and organic molecules, GMO’s, and were introduced into the workings of applying to UNL and the four campuses of the University system.

        Hopefully the 204 students that attended walked away with a better idea of science careers they could look into as they prepare for college in their futures.