Local Scholarships

Common Application

Click Common Application above for each of the following applications unless advised differently in the scholarship description.

Class of 2019 - Scholarships are due Friday, March 29  at 4:00 p.m. in the Counseling Office.

Each scholarship requires:

1.  The Local Scholarship list and the Lexington Community Foundation Scholarship list will be handed out in January.  Scholarships will also be updated on the high school guidance counseling website and the Lexington Foundation's website. A meeting on January , 2019 will be held with seniors concerning scholarships. The scholarship page will be updated by that date. Seniors will be sent an email if any additional scholarships become available after January 30.
2.  Read through the list of scholarships and determine the ones for which you qualify.
3.  For scholarships listed on the Guidance/ Counseling Local Scholarships site the application should include:

        - A cover page (does NOT have to be in color)

        - The Common Application form found on the Local Scholarship page.  

        - One transcript (copies are acceptable)

        - Resume showing activities, community and school involvement, awards/honors and current/past employment.  These will vary from student to student.

        - Personal Statement including general information about the student and student's family, student's involvement in school and community activities, and general ideas about student's future plans and goals. This needs to be 250 words or less. This gives more of a "story" to the scholarship committee.

        - Some scholarships may ask for a Financial Need Statement.  A Financial Need Statement  is a paragraph stating how the student expects to pay for their college education. Include work experience and any general information specific to the student's family financial situation. Please read each scholarship requirements carefully.

        - Three letters of recommendation,  two  from teachers that the student has had classes with sometime in their high school career and one from someone outside the school. Check each scholarship for their specific recommender requirements 

* Sample applications are available in the counseling office.
Staple the application only.  Do not use folders or binding to collate the application.


BILL AND MARY ANN HAKONSON MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP is in the amount of $1000 for seniors intending to pursue a college major in a teaching field, speech pathology, nursing or school counseling. Applicants will need to demonstrate financial need. Criteria for selection will include financial need, class rank, GPA, ACT scores and involvement in school activities and or/the community. Instead of a Personal Statement, applicants must submit a letter explaining their interest in one of the eligible programs of study and their qualifications for the scholarship as identified in this description. 

BLANCHE SENIOR SCHOLARSHIP presented by the Lexington Area Chamber of Commerce will be presented to a graduating senior who is planning to further their education beyond high school. This scholarship will be a minimum of $500 and not exceed $1,000, depending on available funds. Applicant will be judged on their overall areas of academics, school, and community activities. The major area we will evaluate is a student’s work experience during high school. The student should provide three letters of recommendation. One letter should come from the student's current or past employer.

CHARLES A. WALKER MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP will be presented to a senior to help them further their education at any accredited school. Special consideration will be given for a student going into the field of agriculture. This scholarship is open to any senior who can demonstrate good character, extra-curricular participation and a good scholastic record. The scholarship is $500. One scholarship will be awarded.

DYKE SCHOLARSHIP is presented to a senior by the LHS Student Council in honor of their former sponsor, Mr. Bob Dyke.  Students must rank in the upper 1/2 of their class and have demonstrated leadership skills and good citizenship during their high school years. You may use this scholarship at any school of your choice. This scholarship is $500. Being active in the Student Council and financial need will be considered but will not be a top priority

HOMESTEAD BANK is offering a $750 scholarship to a graduating senior who plans to be a Business or Agri Business major in college. Other students that are planning on attending college will be considered. This scholarship will be paid in two installments. The first half will be paid upon proof of first semester registration. The second installment will be paid upon proof of a "B" average first semester and enrollment in second semester classes.

LEXINGTON ATHLETIC BOOSTER CLUB SCHOLARSHIP was established by the Athletic Booster Club to honor one male and one female graduating Lexington High School athlete. Each scholarship is $1,200. Recipients must have participated in at least two athletic activities each year grades 9-12. Consideration will also be given to participation in extra-curricular activities and leadership skills displayed through community involvement.

LEXINGTON EDUCATION ASSOCIATION SCHOLARSHIP  will award two annual scholarships valued at $2000 each. Scholarships are payable $500 each year for up to four years. This scholarship may be awarded to a Lexington Senior High senior pursuing a degree in the field of education at any four-year program at any university or college. Applicants will be judged on leadership, character, people skills, and moral character.

LEXINGTON PLUMCREEKERS KIWANIS CLUB will present the GENE RANSDELL MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP to a senior who is planning to attend a Vocational Technical School.  The amount of the scholarship is $750 payable to the technical school of your choice. Applicants will be judged on the quality of their ability to express and describe their future goals and plans and their attached letters of recommendation.  You must be of sound moral character and a credit to your school and community. Scholarship will be paid at the beginning of the second semester depending on successful registration and grades.

LEXINGTON ROTARY CLUB SCHOLARSHIP will be presented to a senior who is planning to further their education beyond high school. There will be one scholarship in the amount of $1000 and will go towards any two-year or four-year college or university.  Any senior may apply for this scholarship and you will be judged on your scholarship and citizenship.  The scholarship will be deposited to the studet's account at the college of their choice after enrollment and furnishing account information to the Lexington Rotary Club. APPLICATION IS FOUND ON LOCAL SCHOLARSHIP INSTRUCTION PAGE.

LEXINGTON VFW will present a scholarship to a senior who is planning to continue education beyond high school. This scholarship is for $600. You must be a graduating senior whose parent is a Veteran of the Armed Services. You will be judged on the qualities of scholarship, citizenship and financial need.

LEXINGTON WOMEN'S SOCCER LEAGUE is offering a $1000 scholarship to a senior female soccer player, $500 payable fall semester and another $500 for second semester when recipient submits first semester grades showing a 2.75 GPA or greater AND a second semester schedule. Instead of a Personal Statement write a 250-word essay discussing a special attribute or accomplishment that sets you apart and how that might lead you to success down the road. 

LEXINGTON LION’S CLUB SCHOLARSHIPS  This organization presents two scholarships, one in the amount of $500 for a senior pursing a post secondary education at a community college and a $1000 scholarship for a senior attending a four-year college. Any graduating senior may apply and you will be judged in the areas of scholarship, citizenship, and financial need.

MAJESTIC THEATRE SCHOLARSHIP  $500 will be awarded to a Lexington High School senior who has generously given their time in volunteering at the Majestic throughout their high school career. For this scholarship ONLY include a cover page, a completed application page and 250 word statement telling of their specific acts of volunteerism at the Majestic and how the act of giving back has impacted their life.

MILLER SCHOLARSHIP will be presented to a high school senior who is a child of a farm/ranch family that is still active in some area of agriculture.  Preference may be given to students enrolled in The University of Nebraska -Lincoln College of Agricultural Sciences, the Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture-Curtis or other colleges leading to a career in agriculture or one that will serve rural communities. This scholarship is $1,000 and is renewable up to four years.

NORMAN W. AND SHIRLEY A. REYNOLDS SCHOLARSHIP will be presented to a senior who exhibits good citizenship skills and has earned three varsity letters in any sport during their sophomore through senior years or is four year letter winner in band while attending Lexington High School. Strong consideration will be given to those students who have maintained their interest in these activities during their senior year. The amount of the scholarship is $750.

PLUM CREEK MARKET PLACE SCHOLARSHIP This scholarship is offered to any senior but priority will be given to any student employed at Plum Creek Market Place and plan to attend a 2 or 4 year accredited institution. The $500 scholarship will be paid upon proof of registration with an accredited institution for second semester classes.

RAYMOND (IKE) NEFF SCHOLARSHIP will be presented to a senior who is planning to attend any school of their choice beyond high school. You will be judged on your ability to do further work and on your financial ability to pay for this additional education. This scholarship for $500 will be paid upon proof of registration and acceptance for the 1st semester.

RED CROSS NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY SCHOLARSHIPS were established to recognize outstanding members of the Lexington National Honor Society. Students must be a member in good standing in the National Honor Society. The number of $250 scholarships will vary due to money raised at Blood Drives.

REYNOLDS OPEN GOLF SCHOLARSHIP will be awarded to any female or male athlete that has participated in GOLF throughout their high school career.  The scholarship will apply to either a community college or four-year college.  The amount of this scholarship is $500, which will be paid upon successful completion of 1st semester and proof of registration for the 2nd semester with verified grades of 2.5 GPA.

RICHARD A. BROWN and RICHARD and PHYLLIS (BROWN) HENDRIX WRESTLING SCHOLARSHIPS will be presented to senior males who have participated in the wrestling program throughout their high school years. These young men must be planning to enter college or any other tech school and be registered and accepted at that school. Students will need to obtain at least one letter of reference from an outside source and two can be from school sources. The amount of this scholarship is $500, which will be paid upon successful completion of 1st semester and proof of registration for the 2nd semester with verified grades of 2.5 GPA. You must be present at Senior Honor night to accept award.

ROBERT SHERMAN MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP This scholarship was created to provide an opportunity for a graduating senior at LHS to pursue a career in a skilled labor field at a technical or community college. This scholarship was established to honor the lifetime work of Mr. Robert Sherman, a 1953 Lexington graduate. Applicants should plan to acquire a degree in a skilled labor field, have good moral character, excellent school attendance and be a responsible citizen.  Student’s employment record will be the basis of consideration. One letter of recommendation must be from the student’s current or past employer.

RON MURDOCK UNL SCHOLARSHIP will be presented to a Lexington High School senior who will attend UNL.  The student needs a GPA of 3.00 and is able to demonstrate financial need. Other criteria that will be considered are: involvement in community service, school activities, desires to learn and be self-motivated. The Scholarship amount will be around $600-700 depending on interest.

RUTH EDNA REYNOLDS MONTGOMERY MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP will be presented to a senior who is going into the educational field or into missionary work. Others will be considered and the best-qualified candidate will be chosen for this award. This scholarship will be based on the amount of interest that has accrued, not to exceed $750. Applicants will be judged on leadership, character, and service to the school and community as well as scholastic ability to do college work. This scholarship will be paid upon acceptance and proof of registration for the 1st semester at the school of choice.

SHELTER INSURANCE SCHOLARSHIP   is offered to graduating seniors during the current school year and is sponsored by local Shelter Insurance agent, Jackie Rowan. This $2000 scholarship is open to any senior in good standing with their education. Click here for information and the application form.

SHIRLEY TRAUTMAN SCHOLARSHIP will be awarded to a Lexington High School graduating senior who has overcome a learning difficulty through assistance in a special need program. Students who are planning on becoming a special needs teacher are also eligible to apply. The $800 scholarship will be paid after completion of the first semester or term of the freshman year with a grade point average of 2.5 or better based on 4.0 grading.