Scholarship Tips

Juniors and Seniors:

Start looking for scholarships in your junior year and check with your counselor often during your senior year.
Get involved in extracurricular activities.  Many scholarships are based on leadership and community involvement.
Work hard in school. Grades are an important factor in earning scholarships.
Take the ACT/SAT as a junior and again your senior year to get the best possible score.  Many awards have a minimum ACT/SAT score requirement.
Apply for as many scholarships that you qualify for.


The counseling department tries several methods to communicate with students about scholarships. Check your emails and also open mail sent to your home. Senior Stuff is a monthly newsletter sent out at the beginning of each month with details on important items that need to be addressed each month. We encourage you to read this over. Coffee with the Counselors are mini sessions during Homeroom that give seniors a jump start on the upcoming scholarship season. These sessions are held in the fall so all seniors are up to date on what is expected for scholarships and to introduce them to the scholarship page. Financial Aid night is also held in the fall and is presented by EducationQuest. EducationQuest also comes to Lexington High School twice a month startinging in November to assist families in completing their FAFSA for financial aid. 

Organize scholarship applications in deadline order.  Even the best-qualified applicants will be disqualified because of missed deadlines.
Set time aside on weekends to work on applications. It takes a lot of time to apply, but the payoff could be big!

Talk to your college about school-specific and major-specific awards.  Many of the biggest scholarships come directly from the college.

Scholarship applications are generally found online. Students need to type out the application.The neatness and how you organize your scholarship application is important.

Complete a resume early in your senior year.  A resume is a one-page document that explains your strengths and all the activities you have participated in.  Come to the  counselor’s office to get examples of a sample resume.  The counselors have worked on resumes with students each year through the  EducationQuest website. Students are welcome to use this resource or take the information saved over the years and develop their own individual style. 

Get at least 3 or 4 letters of reference or recommendation early in your senior year.  Give your teachers a resume when you ask for a letter of recommendation.  People to consider for letters of recommendations include:  teachers, coaches, counselors, administrators, church leaders, community people, or your boss at work.