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Women Micro-Entrepreneurs

Recently, we finished reading a chapter about women micro-entrepreneurs.  Most of these ladies have been through very trying times and have had trouble securing the funds to start their own small business.  Now that we have concluded the chapter, I have challenged my classes to become entrepreneurs themselves.   We will begin by brainstorming the pros and cons of starting a business.  Then we are going to watch a few sales pitch examples from a television show called Shark Tank.  This will give them a chance to see and hear what a great presenter says and how they act while presenting.  After that, students will have the opportunity to choose a business product or service that they would like to provide.  They are allowed to choose an existing product or service, but they have to make improvements to it so they aren’t simply copying another person’s idea.  Next, I will guide the students through a writing process that will help them write their very own creative sales pitch.  As we get closer to the end they are going to be asked to produce a web-based brochure that would serve as advertisement for their small business.  Last but not least, they will present their sales pitch and brochure to the class.  The kids are excited and so am I.  I can’t wait to see what they come up with!

Summer School

ATTENTION! Now is the time to start thinking about summer school!  This year, Lexington Middle School’s session will run from June 5th through June 29th. Classes will be held Monday through Thursday (No Fridays) from 8:30 AM – 3:00 PM. There is no cost for this year’s program. Please keep in mind that a free breakfast will be served from 8:00 AM – 8:30 AM and free lunch will be served from 12:15 – 12:45. Students who will be in grades 6, 7, and 8 are eligible to attend the LMS Summer Program. Summer school applications will be sent out soon so please watch your mail. We will also have applications available in the office.

Milestone Project

As our school year rounds the final turn the 8th grade Liberty team students are starting a Milestones Project.  They are working on a PowerPoint presentation about themselves.  They are asked to present about major milestones in their life.  The first section is all about them including: their name, age, what they are proud, favorite thing, life growing up and the person they admire.  The students will also talk about their family, school activities and current events.  Students will consider things about school such as: teachers, what they love, school lunches, and classmates. Students will be given the opportunity to discuss their favorites when it comes to books, music, movies, TV shows, sports, games, clothes and places to go.  They are encouraged to add pictures and information about their friends as well. The future plans should be interesting to read as well as for students to look back on in five or ten years. Oh how things can change compared to where on would think they would be in a few years. The point of this activity is to require students to reflect on their life and how they have changed since entering middle school.  Hopefully they will look back in high school and see they are continually improving themselves as they prepare for the post-secondary world. 

Keep Reading This Summer!

The LMS library likely will not be open during June this year. But we want you to be aware of other opportunities students have for reading this summer.

*Overdrive – A large selection of e-books and audiobooks are available for Lexington students through an Overdrive system that we share with various schools through ESU10. Students will need to read or listen to these books on a computer or other device.

*Follett Shelf – 227 Follett Shelf books are available through our LMS library system, called Destiny Quest.

*TumbleBook Library – Tumblebook Library provides audio story books, read-along chapter books, nonfiction books, National Geographic videos, books in French and Spanish, and some fun puzzles and games. This is a great site to share with your younger children, too!

*Bluford High Audiobooks – The Bluford High series is a collection of books written specifically to be of high interest to middle schoolers. Most of the books are about kids in an urban setting and about the problems they have and how they solve them. The audiobooks are available free online.

All these resources, and instructions for using them, are available on the LMS Library website:


Finally -----  

*Lexington Public Library!!! – The public library is a wonderful place for your students to spend some time this summer.  The library has a great selection of books for middle schoolers—and your students might enjoy seeing some different books than what they’re used to seeing at the LMS library.

It is so important for your middle schooler to keep reading during the summer months to keep that reading muscle strong!


Spring semester has been a busy time for the vocal music department. In January we produced the classic musical “The Wizard of Oz”. Three outstanding performances were met with enthusiastic audiences and the students, once again, delivered a terrific product. More than 60 Lexington HS students participated in this year’s production and it is an experience they will remember the rest of their lives.

During the final performance of the musical, the Minuteman Fine Arts Association  (MFAA) held the first annual Waffleman Breakfast fundraiser event. More than 800 people came to the Middle School cafeteria that morning and enjoyed delicious Belgian waffles. Proceeds from that event go to support the music, theatre and speech events at LHS. Support from the MFAA is essential to the success of LHS fine arts and is an amazing service to our students.  Check www.lexband.com for more information about MFAA and how you can participate.

During the month of February, two of our actors from “The Wizard of Oz” had the opportunity to attend a special Actor’s Workshop presented by Crane River Theater of Kearney, hosted at UNK. Jamie Ticas and Eric Estrada spent the day on campus in workshop sessions hosted by professional actors covering Acting, Singing and Choreography. This will be an annual event and we anticipate the opportunity to send two LHS students next spring.

Our choir has spent the bulk of this semester preparing music for the upcoming spring concert, April 29th in the East Gym of the high school at 2pm. From Renaissance music to the 20th century, we will provide a wide selection of music. With 65 singers, the LHS choir has made huge strides in the past few years and is sure to deliver a top-notch performance for our audience. This concert will also host performances from the LHS Concert Bands, Jazz Band and Percussion Ensemble.

The Fine Arts department will host the annual Fine Arts Awards Night on May 1 in the Middle School cafeteria. Letters, participation awards and senior awards will be presented that evening.

Finally, graduation day is a big day for our music department. The high school band and choir will both present performances honoring our graduates on their special day. As musicians, it is our privilege to provide music in special ceremonies such as this. It is, by far, our largest audience of the year and we look forward to our opportunity to perform.

Common Sense Cyberbulling

Family Tip Sheet

Cyberbullying is the use of digital media tools, such as the internet and cell phones, to deliberately humiliate and harass others, often repeatedly. Though most teens do not do this, those who do are often motivated by a desire for power, status, and attention – and their targets are often people they are competing with for social standing. Cyberbullies often take advantage of the web’s anonymity to antagonize someone without being recognized. 

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