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Blind Date with a Book

To celebrate the month of love, we’ve been hosting “Blind Date with a Book” in the LMS library.  Every week, several good books are wrapped up to hide their covers. We’ve written a few hints about the content on the wrapping paper, as well as the book level and AR points.  

8 Ways to Have an Awesome Blind Date:

  1. Throw out all expectations!

  2. Wear something you love.

  3. Open your mind.

  4. Don’t complain. You get what you get – don’t throw a fit!

  5. Learn something new.

  6. Be positive Smile!

  7. Don’t do too much Googling!

  8. Don’t judge a book by its cover.

Students have enjoyed unwrapping their selection, and it’s been fun for us to be part of making some “love connections” between good readers and good books!

Mid-Plains Community College Tour

This winter LMS 8th graders will have a chance to tour the campus of Mid-Plains Community College in North Platte.  We went last year and were thrilled to not only look around the campus, but have group discussions about students' futures, employment possibilities, potential scholarships, and had several opportunities to participate in hands-on activities that will be talked about for years to come.

Students buffed cars in the automotive class, made molds of teeth in the dental class, massaged a cow heart in the biology department, and studied leaves in botany class.  We also welded one-on-one with the college welding students, created circuits to make electricity, and watched a life-size dummy have blood drawn by a phletobomist - in - training.

Eating at their amazing cafeteria was also a delicious highlight of the trip!

Looking forward to the tours on Feb. 20 and March. 13. 


NoRedInk is a website we are using in Language Arts classes to help us improve our writing skills. Students practice identifying parts of speech, learn how to use commonly confused words, edit sentences for conventions, and much more. Our hope is that after students learn these rules, they will apply them to their writing.  When students have a firm understanding of the basics, then they can really focus on improving the content of their writing.


This quarter, students are diligently studying poetry. Having built a foundation on understanding poetic form, students are now analyzing various poems and poets, comparing and contrasting themes, identifying structure, seeking to answer ‘How are elements of poetry expressed in the theme of a poem?’; meanwhile, they are continuing to hone their craft in writing. Perfecting how we practice in Language Arts trains us to adequately express thought through writing; therefore, students continue to work on daily exercises that incorporate vocabulary instruction,  context clues for comprehension, and grammar. As the time nears for conferences, students are hard at work explaining and illustrating themes of some of their favorite poems they have read over the last couple weeks.

Girls on the Run

This spring, Girls on the Run of Nebraska will be in our community.  The target this first year is to have a 6th grade team of girls at LMS. See the flyer for further information!

Direct questions to Malinda Jacob at: malinda.jacob@lexschools.org


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