6th Grade Geography

November 1, 2016

In our geopgraphy classes, we have just finished learning about Mt. Everst. Students thoughout this chapter learned of the challenges climbers have to face when climbing up the mountain.  Students learned how expensive it is to climb up the mountain, they learned that a climber on average can spend up to $150,000 dollars to climb the mountain! This includes mountain climbing equipment, Sherpa guides, plane tickets, and much more! 

To help the students really get into the chapter, they created a journal where they documented their climb up the mountain. They used their imagination and had to desricbe many of the things they encountered such as the Khumbu Icefall, Western Cwm, Base Camp, and the summit. The students really got a kick out of creating their own journal. The students were also introduced to new technologies on their computer using Photobooth or Photoshop to make it look like they actually climbed up Mt. Everest.