7th Grade Language Arts

August 27, 2018

Welcome to 7th grade Language Arts! As the drive towards seamless integration of digital work grows within the classroom experience,  the opportunities to express thought and emotion give new birth to creative expression, critical thinking, reflection, and comprehension. Students will be challenged to reflect in new ways that encourage the same writing process and organization of thought; then adding in a digital piece that illuminates their craft and connection to literature. During our daily workshop, students continue to practice reading and writing strategies that hone their style within specific genres. This quarter, our classroom novel is  “Freak the Mighty.” Throughout our study, we will dig deeper into skills of reading the novel as a writer, i.e., paying attention to craft, making sense of style and ideas whether inferred or stated,  discussing plot development, characterization, vocabulary study, concepts of grammar and conventions. I am excited for students to be challenged, inspired, and see themselves growing as readers and writers, connecting with exemplary authors, and continuing on in the art of language.