7th Grade Social Studies

September 11, 2017

Students in 7th grade social studies are enjoying the new materials the school district ordered this past summer.  While our topics and themes are similar to what we had previously, the new textbook materials offer students more opportunities to delve deeper into the subject matter.  

Recently, students in both Mr. Allen and Mrs. Risinger's classes had the opportunity to learn information about the beginning of civilization.   Previously students had been introduced to the great story known as the "Epic of Gilgamesh". The new curriculum additionally allows students a deeper view by offering a fun video clip available only through the text subscription that directly connects to our new books. 

In upcoming weeks, students will get the opportunity to learn more about characteristics of civilization as we analyze the early cultures of Mesopotamian to Egyptian. Students will have opportunities to create some exciting projects as we continue to move through the school year. The new text is a powerful addition to the curriculum we have in seventh grade.