7th Grade Stripes Team Have A Blast Learning about Physical Science.

October 15, 2016

The 7th Grade Stripes Team had fun building a launching water rockets. These Two-Liter Pop Bottle Rockets are a great way to teach Physical Science. The students can manipulate and control variables, see their hypotheses verified or refuted, and graph their findings. They also experience the nature of science at its best. They can document their abilities with the following concepts: inertia, gravity, air resistance, Newton's laws of motion, acceleration, projectile motion and the practice of true engineering.

The students, with the help of their core team teachers, Ms. Sensil, Mrs. Risinger, Mrs. Petersen, Mr. Kock and Mr. Hanson, learned the various parts of rocketry. Each core teacher took a subject and prepared a mini lesson to teach the concepts of inertia, gravity, air resistance, Newton's three laws of motion and acceleration. In Science Class students learned and followed the steps of the scientific method as they started to design a two-liter pop bottle rocket that would stay aloft 12 seconds. That was our project goal. With this goal in mind students created a hypothesis to be tested. Next came the fun part as students engineered a rocket to be launched and tested. The data was collected, graphed and analyzed. The final step was for students to write their conclusion on if their hypothesis was proven correct or if it wasn’t successful. They also added information on how the hypothesis might need to be changed and retested.

This was a very fun activity for the students and they learned a lot about how the scientific method works and many concepts of Physical Science.

We do not have all of the students rockets and of course filming these launches are not as successful as I would like them to be, but here is a link if you would like to check out a few of our launches.

Bottle Rocket Launch Videos