7th Research

February 16, 2011

I Have A Dream              
7th Grade Research Project

reasearch1Seventh grade Language Arts students are busy learning how to write a five paragraph research essay.  Students from Mrs. Maloley’s classes have paired with students from Mrs. Simonson’s class to research a famous African American in honor of Black American history month. 

The partners work together to gather information about their well-known individual. They read the information looking for facts to take notes. As part of their research they have developed three categories to research. They are searching for the dreams/goals, challenges, and accomplishments of the prominent Black American. These three categories will become the three points of their five -paragraph essays.

It is a requirement to have both book and internet resources. They will spend several days in the library as well asresearch2 the classroom using a new note taking/citing program they have been taught in Language Arts the past couple of weeks. The kids will use “NoteStar”, a research tool, to assist them in the management of taking proper notes and citing their sources. They have been taught how to use paraphrasing as well as developing a bibliography page for their work.

As a culmination to the I Have A Dream project the students will develop a Keynote or Power Point to use as a presentation tool.  The objective of this project is to not only teach students how to research, but to let them explore their own dreams and goals in life.  The assignment allows kids to see first-hand how success very rarely comes without the challenges we are given in life!