7th Social Studies

August 22, 2014

Seventh Grade Social Studies

Students in seventh grade social studies are starting the year off by going back to the earliest days of human history.   After checking out some cave art discovered by teenagers in Lascaux, France in the 1940's, students explored the developments of early peoples in North Africa, Turkey, and the Middle East.  

Students seem to be getting into a rhythm, have their schedules memorized, locker combinations figured out, and we're really starting to discuss some interesting topics.   One great discussion point came about as we discussed the difficulty of early cultures settling into a place that had no wood, stone or metal resources.  Many of the students really struggled to understand how there could be no resources such as usable rock or trees.   We looked at satellite images of the Sahara desert, and compared them to the Nile River Valley.   The lush green irrigated fields lent themselves to farming and settlement, whereas the desert region of most of north Africa has been left uninhabitable.   

As we move forward in seventh grade social studies we will be discussing and exploring several regions around the world, and the development of various civilizations such as those from Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, India, Greece and Rome.  Parents with questions are encouraged to discuss the topics with their child or contact Mr. Allen at the Middle School!