March 22, 2011


math1Students are glued to the computer with eyes and ears attentive and pencils ready to work.  A few giggles erupt as students continue listening to their lesson.  “You should hear this guy!”  “His voice is funny!”  “Haha get it ‘pi’ and pie.”

What could this wonderful picture be describing?  Students in several classrooms at LMS are making use of a program called Compass Learning Odyssey ®.  This program takes the students NWEA math and language arts testing scores and makes tailored activities to help them in areas they are struggling.  Students log into the program using their regular user/passwords and puts LMS as the school.  The program also has activities in Algebra, English, Science, Social Studies, US History, and extra curricular subjects referred to as Brain Buzzers.

“Do the one called Candy Shop!” a student blurts.  “But my math folder doesn’t have that one” replies another.  That’s because each activity is individualized to what a student needs.  For instance if a student has difficulties with dividing decimal numbers, the program will create lessons and quizzes for the student inside a math folder.  Teachers also have access to create lessons and tests for a whole class instruction or individual student use.

Link to Compass Learning Oydssey: http://www.compasslearningodyssey.com/

Below:  Students in Mrs. Risinger’s class are doing a lesson on Algebraic Equations.